The origin of the inn’s name Čubr goes back in the year 1754. First owners were not our ancestors. The owners have changed a few times before the inn was bought by Alojzij Zorman and Ivana Novak in 1934. They had two daughters. The oldest daughter Ivana married in 1954 with Adolf Potočnik and together they continued with the catering business. Ivana and Adolf had three children: Ivica, Marta and Miha. All three children brought them a lot of joy and also a lot of help in the family business. It’s very interesting that all three children were born in seven years intervals.

At first they had been preparing simple, mostly cold dishes. But with time the inn's menu grew and they began to prepare also warm dishes. Meals and menu itself have become more and more tasteful and exquisite. Every year they added some new dishes - from home made fried chicken to steaks and variously prepared beefsteaks.

The big breakthrough was building a new inn in 1971, which grew nearby the old one. Since 1990 the family tradition is being continued by the youngest of the three children - Miha. He married in 1993 with Anita. Today they fulfil the most challenging gastronomic wishes. At their guesthouse you can choose between so many kinds of food and drinks that it is sometimes very difficult to decide. We can easily say that everyone will find his or her own preferred dish. But if you are still not able to decide, their friendly personnel will be happy to help you with some good advice and make sure that your wish is fulfilled quickly and to the highest standard.

Meeting friends and enjoying in exquisite food and drink is the most unforgettable experience.

Family Potočnik and staff